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  • I believe that everyone is put here for their own unique purpose.

  • I believe that purpose gives your life meaning.

  • I believe each of us can make a positive impact on others that extends beyond our lifetimes.

  • I believe that impact on others is our legacy and that we have not only the capability but the obligation to create it. 



You can make a positive impact

That will last for generations

Are you concerned with whether your life has relevance?

Do you ever wonder how you will be remembered when you are gone?

Have you had a feeling that your life has a larger purpose but you don't yet know what it is?

Welcome to Manifest Your Legacy.

This site is designed to be your guide to creating a legacy.  One that will allow you to leave a lasting impact on your family and your community.  There are 2 tools to help you get there:

1.  The Book 

All of us want our lives to have meaning.  We want to know that our contributions to the world extend beyond the brief years that we inhabit the earth.  These opening words to Manifest Your Legacy start you on a journey of self-discovery and self-determination that can give your life relevance and create a legacy that will make a positive impact on your family and community for generations to come.

Click here to learn more about the book, Manifest Your Legacy.  Or click on the picture of the book in the right hand margin to buy it.  Before buying, you can read the first chapter by entering your name and e-mail address on the form on the upper right and I will send it to you immediately.

The videos below are inspiring examples of persons who have used a Legacy Statement (which you will learn how to write when you read the book) to create memorable legacies.

Randy Pausch was a little known professor at Carnegie Mellon University.  This speech, intended as a legacy for his children, made him an inspiration for millions of people around the world.


This speech defines Lou Gehrig as much as his accomplishments on the field.  It is an example of how sharing the insights to your values and character can create an enduring legacy.


The legacy of Jim Valvano continues today through the V Foundation which was inspired by this memorable moment.


Manifest Your Legacy analyzes these legacy statements and breaks them down so that you can use these immortal examples to create your own legacy statement.

2.  The Blog.

Click here to read articles and posts designed to inform and entertain you that delve into the subjects related to leaving a legacy.  These thought provoking posts will give you an insight into charitable giving, legacy statements and other ways that you can make a lasting difference in the lives of others.

My name is Dean Hanewinckel.  As an estate planning attorney, I helped my clients plan how they would  leave their money and tangible possessions to their loved ones after they were gone.  However, they  never discussed the other assets that they could pass on.  Think about it.  Your life is much more than the accumulation of assets.  Your life is a unique tapestry of experiences.  It is your core beliefs, your values, the heritage of your ancestors, friendships, traditions, accomplishments and lessons learned.  Yet when people talk about estate planning, they are interested only in the money and the property.

This site is designed to explore the intangible treasures that can enrich the lives of your loved ones and others.



If you enjoyed Manifest Your Legacy and think that it would benefit others, please help us spread the word. Click here for ways you can help others discover how they can leave a legacy that will be a positive impact to others for generations to come.