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A little known college professor who created a legacy statement for his children that became an inspiration to millions of people worldwide.

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Three Powerful strategies that anyone can use to fund a charitable legacy that will make a positive impact on your community for generations to come.

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A step-by-step procedure for writing a Legacy Statement that will share your ideals, goals, values and life lessons with future generations of your family.

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One of four types of charitable funds that will provide a vehicle to carry out your legacy and giving plans, empower your children and descendants within the community and preserve your family's and your legacy for decades.

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What The Experts Say

A legacy is often defined as money or property bequeathed to another or as something handed down from an ancestor. In Manifest Your Legacy Dean Hanewinckel takes us well beyond that traditional definition to discover simple but effective ways in which you can transform a financial legacy into something far more valuable than just currency or real estate.

I strongly recommend this book to anyone who wants to make sure that the impact of their wealth on future generations of their family and upon the community in which they live will be a most positive one.

John A. Warnick

Creator of the Seven Secrets of Purposeful Trusts and the Six Paradigms of Purposeful Planning

What The Experts Say

The truth is most of us are just too busy living to dwell on dying. That’s why I wholeheartedly recommend Dean Hanewinckel’s book Manifest Your Legacy.  With care and precision, the author - an estate planning attorney - helps us deal with the inevitable by teaching us how to leave a legacy, or more exactly a gift of ourselves, for our children, family members, future generations and our communities.  He eases some of our anxiety by showing us a meaningful way to transfer ownership in a family business, how to set up a charitable program and how to control our estates.

 I urge you to read the book and follow Hanewinckel’s advice. Believe me, it will be one of the most important things you will ever do.

Simon T. Bailey

Author - Release Your Brilliance, One of Speaker Magazine's Top 25 “Hot” Speakers, Brilliance Catalyst 

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Estate Planning Attorney with 25 Years of Experience Shows You How To





By Leaving a Legacy That Will

Endure For Generations


What do you know about your great-grandfather?  My guess is probably very little.  What contributions did he make to your family?  To his community?  Or has his memory fallen into the gaping abyss of irrelevance?

Now, look into the future.  What will your great-grandchildren know about you?  Will they know about your dreams, your ideals, your struggles and your accomplishments?  Will your life’s lessons be an inspiration to them?  Or will you die a forgotten man or woman?

The earth continues to spin.  We appear one day, we live our lives and then we exit.  All of us make an impact.  The question to ask yourself is: Will the people you influence or have the capability of influencing remember you?  Or will your accomplishments, life lessons, ideals and values exit with you?

Harriet Beecher Stowe, the author of Uncle Tom’s Cabin, wrote, "The bitterest tears shed over graves are for words left unsaid and deeds left undone."

        Will that be your legacy?  Words left unsaid?  Deeds left undone?

Or will you leave a legacy making a positive impact on your family and community?

You can’t depend on others to pass on your legacy.  They already have too much on their own plates.  They will be too busy facing their own problems and living their own lives.  Only you can make sure your life has relevance.

But How?




Manifest Your Legacy – Your Complete Guide to Making a Positive Impact on Your Family & Community For Generations to Come will show you how to leave a lasting legacy.


                FINALLY, a course that shows you:


  • How to write a Legacy Statement.  You will learn how to write a love letter to your family that will be the basis of how your descendants will know and remember you.


  • How to create a Lasting Legacy in Your Community.  Imagine your name adorning the Community Library, a sports venue or a scholarship.  Just like the people who seem to be made of money.  You will learn how to make gifts in such a way that you will be known as the “Rockefeller” of your community.


  • How to set up your charitable giving machine the same way people like Bill and Melinda Gates do.  Create a fund that will continue to make a positive impact in your name long after you are gone.  You will be the reason a student receives tuition to study the course that will change her life or a neighbor is finally able to get the medical treatment that will save his life. Your beneficiaries and their families will forever associate your name with that momentous occasion.


  • How to implement an amazing strategy that allows you to increase your family’s inheritance by giving more to your charitable cause.  Yes, you read that right.  And it’s approved by the IRS!

Who I am and Why I Wrote This Book 

My name is Dean Hanewinckel.  As an attorney, I’ve spent the last 25 years helping my clients with their estate planning needs.  After a while, it became evident that these clients wanted to pass on more than just their money and property.  But I wasn’t sure how to solve this problem for them.  Then an experience in my own life changed forever how I looked at estate planning.

Fifteen years ago my father passed away.  Just like that the biggest influence in my life was gone.  I am a lawyer because he was a lawyer.  I had constantly looked to him for approval and advice, even though I knew that many times I would not like what I would hear.

Even today, when I have a big decision to make, I still wonder what his thoughts would be.

Shortly after my dad died, my mother was going through some of his things.  She came upon a small voice recorder that he would use in his work.  She asked if I thought I could use it and I took it thinking that it would be easier to record my notes than to write them.

When I first tested it, I hit the play button to see if the cassette was blank.  That’s when I heard my dad’s voice.  He was reciting some details about a bond issue he was working on.  But it didn’t matter.  It was his voice.  And I knew that, except for this tape, I was never going to hear it again.

I still wish that he was saying something to me on that tape.  Giving me advice.  Telling me about a lesson he had learned.  Letting me know that he loved me.

That is why I wrote Manifest Your Legacy.  So parents, spouses, friends – like you – can pass on your thoughts, ideals, goals, experiences and expressions of love to those you leave behind.  So you can realize the dream of touching other people’s lives, even after you are gone. 





How To Write A Legacy Statement (Also known as an Ethical Will). 


  • The book guides you through a step-by-step procedure that makes writing your Legacy Statement much easier than you ever imagined.


  • You will be inspired by and learn from well known examples of legacy statements.  We’ll break down these famous examples and show you how to use their secrets in your Legacy Statement.


  • We’ll address common problems people encounter in writing a Legacy Statement and show you simple and effective solutions to those problems.  No more staring at a blank page.  You’ll learn fool-proof secrets that will make writing your Legacy Statement as easy as talking to a friend.


How To Create A Legacy For Your Community.


  • You’ll be introduced to various easily attainable methods of philanthropy so you can choose the one that best serves your legacy.


  • You’ll learn how to make charitable giving a family tradition; one that instills values in your children and future generations.


  • You will discover how to make the greatest impact on the lives of others – even if you have a modest estate.


  • The book will show you strategies that incredibly can increase your family’s inheritance by giving more to your charitable cause.


  • Manifest Your Legacy will guide you through a step-by-step plan to create a fund that will continue to improve others’ lives long after you are gone.  This is the same concept that Bill Gates and Warren Buffet use, and you don’t have to be a billionaire to do it.


There is no more powerful legacy than making someone else’s life better.  Manifest Your Legacy will help take your feelings, goals, ideals, values and wishes and put them into a message that can be an inspiration to others for generations to come.


“What we have done for ourselves alone dies with us.  What we have done for others and the world remains and is immortal.”

                                                -Albert Pike (1809 – 1891)


You can achieve the closest thing to immortality when you manifest your legacy.  Not only will your name continue on, but it will forever be associated with a cause you believe in.